VAPEMENU Switching to a Subscription Service With Better Features & Support

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By April 1st, 2021, VAPEMENU will no longer be offered for free and will become a paid subscription service, having more features & superior support

Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19, as well as the impact of regulation on the vaping industry in the US and abroad, Vapemenu is no longer able to continue to offer its service for free to account holders.

We have tried to make our subscription service terms as affordable as possible while ensuring that we are still able to cover server and support costs moving forward.

We understand that this is not an ideal scenario, but we hope you know that we have tried everything in our power to continue running operations as normal, however, it was just not possible, and we need support from the community of Vapemenu users in order to continue operations and keep Vapemenu running.

Features to Enjoy With The Paid Subscription


Full Control of Screen Saver


Whether it's a photo of your store, your team or your in-house brand - you can now upload your own screen saver image and even link it to a brand or product, which means a customer clicking on the image will be taken right to that product.

Full Control Of Ad Banners


You can now control your ad banners and place ads for the brands and products you want to market most. You can link it to the flavor or brand it is marketing, and if a customer clicks on the banner it will take them to that brand or product.

Full Screen Menu - No More Ads


Don't want ads? Remove the side banner and have your menu displayed in full screen!

Highlight Your Favorite Brands


In the "Brands" tab, you can now favorite the brands you wish to highlight most, and their products will appear at the top of search results.

The Paid Subscription Plan Affordable & More Powerful


VAPEMENU Subscription Service

Vapemenu Application + 1 License $25/Month
Each Additional License $5/Month

*One license required for each tablet displaying Vapemenu

For example: A retailer displaying Vapemenu on 2 tablets would pay $30/month ($25 for Vapemenu + 1st license, $5 for second license for a total of $30)

How The Switch Will Happen?

  • 1 By April 1st, 2021 - you will need to login to your control panel and enter your credit card in order to continue using Vapemenu.
  • 2 You'll need to clean up the number of licenses in your account and ensure that you only have the licenses you need - the automated system will take you through that process.
  • 3 Moving forward you'll have the ability to add or reduce or cancel licenses for your account.

How to Make Money Using Vapemenu

Not happy about paying a monthly fee? Reach out to a brand you carry and ask them to supply you with free product in exchange for marketing their brand on your menu! Brands will love it, and you'll get your money back in product you can sell.

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