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Built-in Catalog

Most of the products you add to your menu will already exist in our catalog! Adding products is a breeze and only takes a minute per brand.

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A Better Way to Display

Provide your customers with the ultimate in-store experience by letting them browse your inventory with Vapemenu. They will find products that suit their specific needs and will enjoy the process of discovery.

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Consistently Promote Products

In-store promotions are a great way to attract clientele, but it's hard for staff to remember all the ongoing promos. Use the Vapemenu promotions feature to highlight and sell products of your choosing.

Custom Digital Vape Menu

Your Menu, Your Way

Select which product types and search types you want your customers to have access to. Add a custom category and market just about anything you like.

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Your Menu at Your Fingertips

You'll be able to access and update your menu from anywhere, and changes will instantly appear on your tablets.

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A Data Driven Dashboard

You'll love the metrics dashboard which gives you some great insight as to what people are searching for, and what seems to be the most popular.

The Paid Subscription Plan Affordable & More Powerful


VAPEMENU Subscription Service

Vapemenu Application + 1 License $25/Month
Each Additional License $5/Month

*One license required for each tablet displaying Vapemenu

For example: A retailer displaying Vapemenu on 2 tablets would pay $30/month ($25 for Vapemenu + 1st license, $5 for second license for a total of $30)

How The Switch Will Happen?

  • 1 By April 1st, 2021 - you will need to login to your control panel and enter your credit card in order to continue using Vapemenu.
  • 2 You'll need to clean up the number of licenses in your account and ensure that you only have the licenses you need - the automated system will take you through that process.
  • 3 Moving forward you'll have the ability to add or reduce or cancel licenses for your account.
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