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The Tablet app allows you to put all of the ejuice flavors that you carry, so customers can easily browse all of the great brands and flavors! This makes shopping and finding their favorite flavors quick and easy!

Control Panel Screenshots
*Computer Not Included

The Control Panel is very easy to use, and lets you add brands and promotions to your menu in seconds, from anywhere on Earth! You can also snag great wholesale deals on new brands for your shop in the Vapemenu Marketplace!




There are two ways to get FREE tablets!

  • 1 If you work directly with any of our sponsors (See "Sponsor Section" below) you may be eligible for one free tablet! Contact your sales rep and ask for their Offer Code which you'll input during signup. A one time shipping fee of $19.95 is charged in order to receive your free tablet.
  • 2 Don't work with any of our sponsors? Once you sign up to Vapemenu, log in and use the Vapemenu Marketplace to select a great Welcome Package deal offered by over 20 brands that will also include a free tablet!
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You will receive a FREE Vapemenu Tablet from participating Brand sponsors who offer it FREE with your first order. That means you can have multiple FREE tablets for your store!

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Do You Work Directly With One of Our Partner Brands?

(See Full Partner List here)

Reach out to them and ask for a promo code to use when you sign up, and you'll be eligible for One FREE Tablet & Stand! All you'll need to pay is $19.95 for shipping.


• Vapemenu Tested Tablets

# Brand Price
1 Lenovo 10.1" $151.51
2 Acer Iconia 10.1" $139.04
3 Digiland 10.1" $109.99

• Other Tablets

If you are purchasing tablets other than the ones we have tested, these are the required specs - we recommend you test out the tablets as soon as you purchase them to ensure they display correctly.

Platform Size Pixels Type
Android 10.1" 1280 x 800 WXGA

• Tablet Stands

Tablets sold by Vapemenu come with a basic stand. For secure / anti-theft stands, please see the link: • Anti-Theft Tablet Stand

Download Vapemenu to Your Tablet



Do You Work Directly With One of These Brands? Contact Your Rep and Get a Code for a Free Tablet!

& Constantly Adding New Ones


Vapemenu Infomercial 2016

Vapemenu in Your Shop

Vapemenu in Your Shop

What is VapeMenu?

What is VapeMenu?

2018 Quickstart Guide

2018 Quickstart Guide

What's New in 2018

What's New in 2018

Vapemenu Chats With Vape Capitol!

Vapemenu Chats With Vape Capitol!


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